Farewell tribute workout

I received a facebook message to have a worldwide farewell toast to Chris Kyle at 8 pm last night. In trying to find ways to send additional good juju his way, I decided to do a tribute workout.

Chris is universally known for 160 sniper kills, so I decided to do 160 of each exercise and to chose an intensity that would push the limits of what I can handle.

8 o’clock came in the middle of a set. I put down my medicine ball, picked up my drink, and stepped over to where I could see the large American flag above the gym’s entrance. Paid my respects, then got back to the task at hand.

The full workout:

4×40 single hand kettlebell swings

4×40 kettlebell rows

160 tire flips (sets started getting choppy right around this point)

160 gball iron crosses

160 toy soldiers

swim 4×40 meters

That was the end of my workout at the gym, added 160 situps after I got home.

Fair-well to a good man. Walk peacefully in Heaven’s streets.

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