Nothing Special

I have had a few comments from people who have seen my events schedule, and while they were well-intended, I am finding it annoying that people think there is some magical reason why I can do all of this. Following is a list:

1) Dude, you must be making serious money to pull this off!

Dude, I made 46k last year. Not bad income, but nothing to brag over. I just don’t spend on things that don’t matter.

2) I’d love to do that, but I’m not in shape.

Neither am I. I have 25% body fat and run a 12 minute mile on a good day. But doing all of this helped, it used to be 28% and 14 minutes.

3) Yeah, but I have this injury…

My elbow has been getting continuously re-injured for a year now and I have trouble with my knees. Your body can do amazing things if your mind stops telling it that it can’t.

4) I wish I had that kind of time to train!

I work 2 jobs and 14-hour days in the busy season are common. You get the same 24 hours every day that I get. Use it.

5) I’d love to do that but I have the kids to look after….

True, I have no children and that does make things easier. But Dean Karnazes and Hobie Call are fathers who have pulled off way more impressive stuff than I have. Yet.

6) Well, you’re just awesome. (Yes, someone actually said this in regard to an upcoming race in England.)

We all have the awesomeness inside us. We were created with limitless potential, we just get confused on how to use it. We all need to go out, every day, and allow more of what we are capable of being show. I choose to do this through doing what I am not sure I can do today, and what I didn’t think I could do yesterday.


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