Back from Beyond

It’s been awhile since I’ve written.

Two and a half years, two moves, some epic road trips, a divorce, a new start, a marriage, there’s a lot that’s happened since my last post.

Here’s the cliff notes version.

Big life events

I got divorced and moved back home late in 2019. I vented about my situation to an old friend, and in talking about past relationships we realized that we made a really good match. We were married just over a year ago, in the most awesome ceremony ever.

Fitness and racing

We managed to run one of the very last 5ks before everything shut down for covid.

Then things went on lockdown and fitness got more difficult, particularly as we were in a small apartment at the time.

I let fitness slip more than I should have, but am starting to get back to live events.

Fort4Fitness Spring Cycle

I had never learned to ride a bike when I was little, but I managed to learn this year. (I might do a separate post about this, if nothing else to beef up the limited information online on learning as an adult.)

As soon as I could keep from falling over, I had to find a race.

Did the 8 mile this year, debating the 20 mile next year.

Notre Dame Spartan

Spartan Stadium race at one of the few sports venues that I actually know of, only a two hour drive from my house. I couldn’t not do this.

This was my first real function check of how much all-around fitness I had lost over this whole process. Not as much as I feared, but more than I had hoped. Slower than I used to be, but still able to knock out most of the obstacles.

Midwest Super/ Sprint

Second function check, and I’m much happier with how I did on this one.

Completed some obstacles that I haven’t done in years, and more importantly got back to the pre-pandemic feel. Teaming up with strangers to get everyone through, not worrying about pace or ranking, just having fun.

Looking towards the future

While I lost some ground over the past few years, I’m in a much better place to regain ground than I have been in a long time.

Next race is Saturday, starting to plan out events for next year, continuing training. We have all had enough downtime these last few years. It’s time to get back after it.