State of the Monk Address 2018

I haven’t written in awhile. Either events that I did were too similar to events that I have already written about or I failed too hard to have anything to write, and I stopped making time to put anything on this blog. Time to catch up on what has been going on and what you can expect to see here:

Spartan, Tough Mudder, and one GORUCK were similar to previous events (except that they all seemed to involve a lot of rain.)

I had some great firearms training with Rev-Tac and with GORUCK Firearms days. I highly recommend both, but unfortunately will not be posting AARs. (If you post about races or matches, people want to come do it too. If you post about training and what you learned, people think they know that now, so they don’t need training. To avoid this, I only write about the former.)

I had a DNF at the Suck. The weather was warm and humid, and I had spent too much of my training time indoors. My body started indicating that something was not medically okay a few hours in, and I dropped and volunteered rather than scare the medics like I did a couple years ago.

I shot the Red Oktober AK championships again this year, and I will post a write up of that soon. I am signed up for Desert Brutality 2019, and will make certain to post a write-up.

Biggest news related to this blog: I am devoting all of my training for the next 10 months or so to one event. I decided I have been saying “next year” for too many years, and signed up for the 36-hour Ultimate Suck. I am using a few different training plans to prepare for that, and I intend to post reviews of them, similar to the Pathfinder review that I did some time ago. First up will be Heavy Drop Training, which I am doing now, to be followed by several rucking-based and wildland firefighter plans. I will be posting those and measuring progress as I complete each program.

This post is just a quick check in to show that the blog is still going. Look for more to come in the next week or so.


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