“Why I am doing the SISU IRON”.

An event that I am doing in May required a written submission of why I am doing this. While I started to type it here simply because the website counts words for me, I decided to go ahead ans post it.

My life bottomed out about four years ago. I had lost nearly everything, spent a few months homeless, and had lost all hope for humanity.

The point that I started to move past that was when I started racing. Starting with Spartan sprints and Warrior Dash, I started to see the better side of mankind, people who will encourage you on when you need it, slow their finishing time to help others through an obstacle, and cheer the loudest for the poor soul who can barely drag himself to the finish.

As I moved into tougher events, I found more and more of the type of people I wanted to be like, and I became more like them. GORUCK, The Suck, ultramarathons, I went after the toughest events I could get into.

So when a teammate invited me to sign up to a 30-hour event in the mountains of California, it seemed like the next logical step on the road to who I want to become.

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