2014 AAR

I hadn’t realized exactly how much happened this year until I started gathering my thoughts for this blog.

About 18 formal events, depending on how you count. Some epic road trips and long plane rides. The feeling that I am finally becoming competent at what I do rather than just muddling along. And perhaps the biggest change, a change of venue and a shift in lifestyle, moving from Fort Wayne to Sioux Falls and adjusting from freewheeling bachelor to family man.

So what to do in the coming year? Keep going, keep growing. Keep pushing into tougher challenges.

I have settled in with gym and home training here in Sioux Falls, and it looks like I have a better training setup here than what I had in Indiana. I have my training plans set up, and I am also posting my workout plans to the support group so we can all go through it together.

Two big points that I have to get right: Maintaining a balance of training and family life, and sticking to a plan once I am on one. I am terrible about starting a plan, then finding what appears to be a better plan and jumping ship. This has resulted in some points of my training being awesome and some being woefully inadequate.

Happy New Year to all my readers. Keep pushing, never give up. May the new year bring you accomplishments that you can’t even fathom now.

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