A Life Changing Experience

This captures perfectly the human potential that too many of us forget we have. Stolen from one of my Cornfed family.

I Am a Spartan


So you wonder if you’re good enough for Obstacle Course Racing? Is the fear of the unknown preventing you from taking that crucial step and registering?

I mentioned in my Haspin Acres write up that I brought a buddy along, he just informed me that he wrote a little on his own after his finish. If his words get just one person to sign up and make that commitment, they’re worth spreading. Remember, this is a man who has never been a runner, even when race-day rolled around, had never seen a sub 10-minute mile.

His words:

People often underestimate the potential of the human body.  They doubt their capabilities, they settle for “just good enough,” and they believe that anything outside their daily routine is “too hard.” The Spartan Race is here to prove to everybody that what we see as unrealistic is not so far out of reach…

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