Hometown Mud Run: The Muddy Vike 2015

When I moved to Sioux Falls, several friends pointed out that there is a local 5k mud run. While I usually don’t write up the smaller events I attend, this one was fun enough to warrant at least a brief report.

They passed my first test: making sure that you get wet within the first quarter mile:


Obstacles were fun, if a little basic. Incline wall:


Tarzan swing that I ended up in the water on:


The basic short walls and balance beams:

12045406_883966541682360_4252447550800088590_o 12038900_883967308348950_2335725748517609843_o

Whatever the tire mud pit is called:


A few obstacles that I did not find photos for (2-rope traverse, monkey bars, several water obstacles) and ending with a water slide:


I finished with a PR for a 5K with obstacles, somewhere under 42 minutes. While not a terribly demanding course, it was difficult enough to be fun, and would be a great course for anyone new to OCR.

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