Fuel to the Fire…


After my last post, it was obvious what I need to do.

The people who don’t want me on the same course as them, that think my getting a finishers medal makes their accomplishment marginal, would like nothing better than for me to go away, go sulk in a corner, leave all the awesome accomplishments to be done for them and those they consider worthy.

Nope. Not doing it.

I’m not going away. I’m not limiting myself to minor events. I am going after the toughest and most badass challenges out there. And thanks to my detractors, I’m going there sooner.

All the negative emotions that this brings up are being harnessed to push me farther, faster, more reps, higher weights, 2-a-day workouts.

You can doubt me all you like. No one ever thought that I was capable of half the things that I have done.

And you have no idea what I will yet prove to be capable of.


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