Evolution of a GRT

Stolen from Mark Webb, one of the people I look to when searching for crazy stuff to do.

Over Long Distances

Some 50 good livin’ or so events later, with friends and acquaintances coming into the fold, and having seen lots of “noobs” do their first GORUCK event, I have been lucky enough to understand each and every stage of the life of a GRT. Without further ado, lets get going

So Excited

You just found out about GORUCK – maybe from a friend, a website, a colleague, your gym – you looked around GORUCK.com and decided to take the first step. Signing up. It is, after all, the hardest part of the GORUCK Challenge right? It says so right there.

But its 2-3 months away – you show your excitement is by posting about it, working out, throwing the ruck on your back that came 3-5 business days later and running with bricks. You research packing, you research food to eat, where to put your bricks, and all sorts…

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