Failure, to organization, to a bucket list…

I have fought for years to not have a bucket list. I see them all the time, places where people send their dreams to die. Write it down to do, then never get to it.

But two events have caused me to change this.

I recently failed in my quest to run 1000 miles in one year, and had to restart. Poor organisation from the start, not keeping up with it and letting it get away from me. I restarted with better organisation and am already significantly ahead of schedule.

A long-term goal presented itself, something audacious and awesome enough that I really have no choice but to go after it. I learned of the Spartathlon, the annual race tracing the route of Phidippides from Athens to Sparta, 250 km, 155 miles, ending at the big statue of King Leonidas. In 6 years, it will be the 2500th anniversary of Leonidas’ death. If I was looking for a date to do it, I’ve found my date.

A goal this big, with qualifying races, requires a plan to keep on track, to not let the time get away from you.

This list will doubtless require additions and rework as time passes (so this post will be edited a lot), but here it goes:


In addition to all the things already on my docket, complete a 50M race and qualify for a GR Heavy.


Complete a 100M.


Complete a GR Heavy

Complete a 100K at Spartathlon-limit pace.

Complete all four DWD ultras.

Snow Drop 55 hour.


Complete a 200K

100th anniversary of US entry into WWI. Do Tough Guy in WWI gear.

2018: Complete a 200K at pace

2019: Complete 280K in under 48 hours

2020: SPARTA!!!!!

Ambitious? Audacious? Definately.

Silly to even consider based on where I am at now? Perhaps.

But no one grows by staying comfortable. We need goals that we can’t achieve. They force us to grow into someone who can.

Post script: Bucket list items that I have not yet assigned a date:

Complete the SISU 1000 and SISU Wow challenge- May do during my race-free time late this year.

Learn to ride a horse.

Complete a Civilian-Military-Combine event.

Complete the Ultimate Suck.

Earn the Goruck 1000/1250 club patches.

Achieve and maintain 220 AQT score.

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