The die is cast…

I did something last week that scares me.

I saw that the registration for the Spartan Ultra Beast had opened, and that there is no requirement to submit a race resumé this year. I was registered within 15 minutes of learning this.

I have seen how brutal the course is. Friends who are far better competitors than I am have failed to complete it. Not quitting is not enough, miss a time cutoff by a second and you will be pulled from the course.

And all of this only serves to make me want to push harder to get through it.

My 50K time was rather disappointing last year.

My next will be better.

There are some obstacles that I have never been able to complete.

I have 6 months to learn to do them or get REALLY good at burpees.

I’m not sure if I can actually do it. Other than the odd ability to keep moving when most people have the good sense to realize it’s hopeless, I’ve never had much ability in any sport realm.

But that’s the fun of it. What glory is there in knocking out events that you know damn well you can complete without difficulty? What do you learn from victories that you didn’t need to fight for? It is when we are broken down to nothing, when it takes all we have simply to continue, that we see what we are truly make of.

I want to see what I can do. What I can take. If I can do it in time, which has always been the toughest part for me.

And in this moment, I know where to go to find out.

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