Push it real good- the 100×100 Challenge

This is a self-challenge that I found on Facebook and was immediately intrigued by. 100 pushups a day for 100 days, totaling 10,000 pushups. No rest days. Post on the FB page every day when you get them done. If you make it to 100 days you are eligible to buy the T shirt. If you fail you get a poster of kittens.

Tshirt of glory. I’m in. They requested before and after photos to show the change in physique. OK, what the hell.

Start photo.png

The 100 pushups is the easy part. 10×10, 4×25, whatever, anyone can do it. The unrelenting 100 days was the difficulty. Stopping during long road trips to knock out a set next to the gas pump. Getting home from a late work night with 50 left to do. Doing them on the hood of my car because it was the only clean surface I could find. More sets than I want to admit behind my desk, hoping the boss didn’t walk in.

The day of the Spartan Beast in Ottawa took care of itself, as the 100 pushups were contained in the 150 burpees required by the course. The day after, making it home at 1 pm on 2 hours of sleep and going straight to work, may have been the most difficult day of the challenge. But I got them done.

The FB page (https://www.facebook.com/100x100challenge) was great encouragement, posting inspiration and a place to share noteworthy accomplishments or places you got your pushups in. I contributed a shot from the CFS GORUCK Light. The team doing divebomber pushups in the surf of Lake Michigan.


I originally went into it with a midnight time hack to get them done. I had to adjust toward the end to noon the day after, as there were a few instances of falling asleep before I even got my shoes off, waking up thinking,”S***, I have back pushups to do!”

It was a tougher challenge than it looks like from the outside. I finished a few days ago, and posted my after photo:

end photo 2.jpg

Finding that I liked the challenge and that even days where you feel you have accomplished nothing feel better when you have at least gotten your pushups done, I am going in for another 100×100. Choosing my least favorite GRC exercise, 100 days of 4-count flutter kicks to be followed by 100 days of Hello Dollies. I think this could be a great way to cycle through my weakest exercises and force myself to get stronger at them.

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